The winter activities trail network

Our digital trail network provides you with a valuable tool for planning winter routes. The network can be viewed as an additional layer on every map to show an overview of all your favorite winter sports activities.

The Digital Winter Sports activities Network

Our digital trail network seeks to create a complete, virtual image of all trails that have been signposted. When creating our Winter Layer for the Outdooractive map, we work closely with our tourism partners and also utilize the large variety of routes entered on our platform by our Community members. 

Ski runs, sledding slopes and cross-country trails on the map

The network for winter sports consists of a large number of individual sections. This includes classic winter hiking routes, but also cross-country trails, ski runs and routes for ski touring and snowshoe hiking.

In order to map these conditions as realistically and clearly as possible on the digital map, we display the trails in different ways:

  • Ski runs (thick, blue, red and blak lines for for runs of varying levels of difficulty)
  • Backcountry Skiing (long dashed orange lines)
  • Ski touring (long dashed, light blue lines)
  • Snowshoe hiking (short dashed, light blue lines with snowshoe walker symbol)
  • Winter hiking (solid purple lines with winter hiker symbol)
  • Sledging (solid, dark blue lines with sledge symbol)
  • Cross-country skiing (double, blue, red and black lines for trails of varying levels of difficulty)
We also use activity-specific icons to help make things clearer and with regards to cross-country ski trails, there are different symbols to show whether the trail has been groomed for classic cross-country skiers as well as skaters.

What is the application of the winter Sports Activities Network

The winter sports network can be placed on the map as an additional layer, enabling you to see all officially signposted routes, cross-country trails and ski runs at a glance.

The network plays a greater role in the route planner. An individual route network is stored in the system for different activites. This means that if you are planning to do something that falls under the description of “Winter Activities”, the routes suggested to you are automatically generated based on the relevant trail network.

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