Alpine Club maps

The Alpine clubs have been offering regional maps for more than 150 years. These special maps cover the high mountains of the entire Eastern Alps. They are extremely detailed and an indispensable companion for any passionate mountain sports enthusiast- both at the planning stage and once out in nature.

Alpine Club Cartography- who is behind it all?

The cartography departments of the German and Austrian Alpine Associations are responsible for the Alpine Club maps. These two institutions are located in Munich and Innsbruck respectively and work using a standardized map format.  

A small team carries out all stages of the process themselves - from the field work to print -, thus guaranteeing a high-quality, independent map system.

The various Alpine Club maps

The Alpine Club's Cartography products currently offer high-altitude topographical maps for the Eastern Alps. Trail markers and wayfinding are included as part of these.

The German Alpine Club's map is based on the data of data from the State of Bavaria's official mapping agency- also known as the 'BY-Serie' - and covers the Bavarian portion of the Alps.

Areas not covered by the Austrian Alpine Club Cartography are covered by the Federal Office for Metrology and Surveying (the Bundesamt für Eich-und Vermessungswesen, or 'BEV').

Two maps for the Brenta and Sella groups are also included in this layer.

Integration of the Alpine Club maps into the platform

The Alpine Club maps only cover a relatively small part of the world. So as not to lose orientation whilst looking at a large-scale overviews and peripheral areas, we display OpenStreetMap outside the boundary of the maps provided by the Alpine Club.

We do not show activity overlays (e.g. hiking) on the Alpine Club map, since path markings for the common mountain sports are already permanently integrated into it.

Direct tour planning using solely the Alpine Club map is generally not possible. Whenever the map is activated, the tour planner uses the data from OpenStreetMap.

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