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Ortisei to Compatsch via Saltner hut

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Karte / Ortisei to Compatsch via Saltner hut
Start with the gondola from Ortisei, and traverse the rolling, grassy meadows of the Alpe di Siusi.  An easy route passes a number of restaurants and farms, reaching Saltner hut for lunch and then looping back to Compatsch.  
Strecke 13,5 km
4:30 h
321 hm
470 hm
2.018 hm
1.830 hm

The hike to Compatsch today is relatively moderate. It crosses the Alpe di Siusi (called Seiser Alm in German) on one of the many interesting meandering trails there.

An ‘alp’ is a high mountain meadow, and the Alpe di Siusi is famous for being the largest in the Alps. This huge rolling meadow is criss-crossed by trails and dotted with farms, restaurants, hotels, and lifts, many of which operate in the summer for hikers. There are wonderful views of the Schlern, the Langkofel and Plattkofel mountains, and across the valley to the Puez-Odle and Sella groups. Even though this is a fairly moderate day, the up-and-down character of the trails through this hilly terrain make most hikes here a surprising amount of work.

An optional ascent to Schlernhaus is great for motivated hikers.

There are numerous restaurants enroute, including Gostner Schwaige and Saltner Hut. If you’re in the mood for a slow morning in Ortisei, this is fine day to start a little later and aim to be at Gostner Schwaige for lunch. It’s one of our all-time favorites. If you’re on the trail too early for that, Saltner makes a great stopping point just before the ascent to Schlernhaus.


For strong hikers, there is a fun and scenic optional  ascent to the Schlernhaus hut and back from Saltner hut.
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1.830 m
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3,4 km
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Gostner Schwaige
Saltner hut


Mont Seuc gondola (1.999 m)
46.557880, 11.665029
46°33'28.4"N 11°39'54.1"E
32T 704271 5159485




  • Start in Ortisei by crossing the main road to the Mont Seuc gondola and buy a one-way ticket up (13.90 €). The gondola runs continuously from 8:30 to 5:00 and will whisk you 800 meters up in about 10 minutes.
  • You’ll start downhill to the right on trail 6A to trail 6, heading steadily down past the Icaro hotel and restaurant.
  • You’ll soon reach the main road that runs through the middle of Alpe di Siusi - a very quiet paved road - and turn right here to walk along the road for just a few minutes. A left uphill on trail 30 passes the Steger Dellai hotel and then right onto 30B will bring you right to the farm restaurant Gostner Schwaige.
  • It may be early, but Gostner Schwaige is a wonderful stop for lunch. Run by an energetic young chef, Franz Mulser, their motto is “fresh and natural” and they use many homemade ingredients, including their own cheese. Kaiserschmarrn is one of the most famous Tyrolean dishes - a sweet pancake with fruit and spices, and they do that here as well as anyone. They have a large outdoor terrace, and cozy indoor seating.
  • Leaving Gostner Schwaige continue up to trail 6, a small country road, where you’ll turn right toward the large Panorama hotel. Continue past Panorama on an undulating traverse of the meadows with great views of the Schlern Ridge ahead, Langkofel and Plattkofel to your left, and Puez-Odle across the valley behind you. Pass the Laurin hut on trail 6 before turning onto trail 5 down to Saltner Hütte.
  • Saltner Hütte is another pleasant farm restaurant. It’s a beautiful location on a quieter corner of the alp, on the edge of a sparse larch-spruce forest. As their sign says “Letzter Tankstelle”... last gas station (before Schlern). If you haven’t had lunch yet, this is the place to stop! They serve good local dishes and homemade cheeses.
  • To return, continue past Saltner and turn right (downhill) then a minute later on trail 10A and soon another right onto trail 10 toward Prossliner Schwaige, another atmospheric little mountain restaurant (but with a reputation for bad service).
  • From here, turn right on the small farm road marked trail 10, which soon becomes a trail up across the meadows and runs parallel to trail 6 that you were on earlier. You’ll reach a road again just above Compatsch marked trail 7 where you turn left, go down to Compatsch, and then up across the valley just a few minutes more to Alpina Dolomites. This impressive resort is situated near the top of the Siusi gondola.
  • Optional Schlernhaus hike: If you have time for a big hike, continue up from Saltner hut to Schlernhaus. The trail starts to climb, first trail 5, then on trail 1 up through the woods and the rocks (called the “Touristensteig”). You’ll have a steady ascent of about 2000 ft up to the rocky top of the Schlern mountain and the historic Schlernhaus inn, built over 120 years ago and still going strong. Return to Saltner the way you came. This should add about 2 hrs up and 1½ hrs down back to Saltner.


46.557880, 11.665029
46°33'28.4"N 11°39'54.1"E
32T 704271 5159485
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13,5 km
4:30 h
321 hm
470 hm
Höchster Punkt
2.018 hm
Tiefster Punkt
1.830 hm
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